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My mission…

  • Dementia care CAN and SHOULD BE better than it is today.

  • I promise what I teach will transform life for you, your loved one and your family.

Crystal Dickerson

Dementia Trainer

& Advocate

I cried when my dad was diagnosed with dementia.  It’s been a rocky ride for him, my mom and our family.  That’s why I decided to get professional training in compassionate ways to deal with dementia. 


Today, my mission is to teach everyone I possibly can how to use these life changing skills to - 

  • Take care of yourself and your loved one

  • Reduce their distress and yours

  • Keep them engaged in relationships & activities that bring them joy

  • Keep them safe

  • Form a team of care partners so you’re not doing this alone.

I don’t want you to see them as this horrible disease and be angry, frustrated and stressed out.  They are STILL IN THERE.  Let me help you love them.

I’ve worked in healthcare for more than 30 years and earned my master’s degree in psychology.

I’m a certified Positive Approach to Care™ independent trainer teaching compassionate, positive approaches to dementia care.


Get hope.  I can help.  

Crystal Dickerson

Dementia Trainer

& Advocate

PAC Certified Independent Trainer

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