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Grace Homecare.

Dedicated to Providing the Best In-Home Health Care.

Learn to Survive & Thrive

When Your Loved One Has Dementia. 

Personal Consulting to Save Your Sanity       

Are you feeling...

  • heartbroken caring for your loved one?
  • stressed out and have no idea what to do?
  • afraid the person you love is slowly disappearing?
  • desperate because you can't cope any longer.
I understand and I can help you...
  •  Stop feeling hopeless & overwhelmed

  •  Deal with their anger and combativeness

  • Stay emotionally connected 


"I was at the end of my rope with Mom.  I was angry, depressed and feeling hopeless.  Crystal taught me how to understand Mom and use different approaches to help her.  Now we are both calmer and happier."                                                      Sandy A

"I went to workshops, support groups, read books and watched videos and I was still miserable.  Hiring Crystal saved my sanity and helped me stay closer to my Dad.  She is worth every penny."
                                                                                               Bruce T

Crystal Dickerson

Dementia Trainer

& Advocate

How I Will Help You
Assess Your
Unique Needs
Create  Your
Customized Action Plan
On-Going 1-to-1

My mission....

  • Dementia care CAN and SHOULD BE better than it is today.

  • I promise what I teach will transform life for you, your loved one and your family.


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